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In order to use GAEM as the engine for your own game, you will have to provide some files containing the info on the levels, maps, backgrounds and objects. You will need also create the images for the main character and the objects, as well as the images containing the tiles for the maps and the backgrounds.Briefly, you will need:
- "niveles.dat"
- nameLevel + "mapa" + numberMapa + ".dat" >> Map data file.
- nameLevel + "obj" + numberMapa + ".dat" >> Objects data file.
- nameLevel + "fondo" + numberMapa + ".dat" >> Background data file.
- "prota.png" >> Main character animations.
- Images for each state of each object, image containing the tiles for each map and each background (these last can be the same for each map).

In this early version you must build the source code with your personalized files (ie. levels, maps and images) placed in the '/res' directory (in Sun Wireless Toolkit). In future versions there will be a way to simply add the new levels to a previously intalled GAEM. Also, it's tedious to create the map, background and object files manually, so an editor was just designed for that work but it's still uncoded. The editor is to be coded with J2SE.