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 - Menus turned to graphical instead of Commands.
 - Scroll rewritten to avoid jumps and odd things.
 - Global usability re designed. Special emphasis at modes 2 and 3 (Use in inventory and Use in map).
 - Finally all translated to english (Except some part of code).
 - Ready to download and install from mobiles (at GetJar and my own server)
 - Translation to english.
 - First version released: GAEM 0.1
 - ...
 - Need and pre-design of a kind of Display manager to change from title screen to options, help, game, load, etc
 - Major changes in CanvasJuego class (runnable GameCanvas):
    - File reader extracted to an independent class.
    - Methods which interpreted objects and map files are now 2 new classes.
 - Destination col & row for key objects implemented.
 - Designs of improved efficiency. Desestimed due to time restrictions.
 - Major changes in inventary, objects from other maps doesn't appear.
 - First implementation of save/load game function (used when player come back to a modified map [object grabs, state changes]).
 - Fixed several bugs in inventary mode.
 - ReDesign in map .dat file and design of niveles.dat.
 - Major change in objects class hierarchy. (static and animated objects classes now inherit from class Obj).
 - Automatic characte movement implemented without pathfinding routine
 - ReDesign on usable attribute.
 - ReDesign in objects .dat file.
 - First implementation of null state.
 - Need of automatic character movement,
 - First implementation of new capacity of use.
 - Method cambiaEstado() [changeState()] implemented.
 - Design of null state (last one).
 - Fixed pointer visibility (now over all objects).
 - Fixed object selection in inventary mode.
 - ReDesign on objects and their usable attribute.



- An object only can be used with only another one for each state. The error text depends on the order of the used objects [a.use(b) or b.use(a)]. This is a bug in design :-P I hope to have some time to redesign and rewrite this critical part, so the plot can be deeper and solider (? more solid, with consistency). This limites a lot the funcionality of the engine and the entertainment obtained when playing a game. New good design is a must!.
- When an object is used, the inventary doesn't point to the correct object.
- When loading games, the inventary loaded data has some interpretations problems.
- No pathfinding routine at all.
- Sometimes, the user position gets saved as a column and row which holds also a collisionable tile. must be prevented.
- Collision routine must be improved. Now, when character collides with something he is moved to his last position before collision. must be implemented through a direction.
- Text is displayed so fast in some devices due to screen width. The Frase class must improve the duration of displaying time.