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New release 0.15 with some changes: Support for tittle and help screen, kind of display manager implemented. Translation to english (script only, code and reference next). The character is still only walking in one direction :-P I must make the animations.

I think more info should be provided in order to make people withouth programming knowledge capable of developing their own games. The info putted up in this web is so brief and maybe incomplete or inacurate.

The code and design are being improved right now. The interface has changed from Commands to icon type menu. This means two new Classes: MenuOption (extending Sprite) and MenuContainer. The MenuContainers are handled from method handleMenu() in CanvasJuego (GameCanvas extended Class). The modes 2 and 3 (Use in inventory and Use in map) have been rewritten, better usability and better code.

The scroll is now controlled from scroll() method and changeMap(). The second one establishes the initial position of the Layers. The first looks if the map is larger than the screen and if player is in its extremes (endings) in order to stop scrolling.

Next must be the rest of animations for character (N,W,E) code them and think if the directions contempled will be 4 or 8 (diagonals included).

Regarding to source code: It's written and commented in spanish but a conversion to english is going to be done. The same applies to the Javadoc reference :-( unfortunately I didn't expect to be releasing this, so the reference was written for the people evaluating the project... A translation is planned too.

10/03/05 - Map scroll rewritten. new scroll() method making the comprobations by itself (instead calling another method from main loop).
09/03/05 - From now on the latest stable version (not strictly a release) will be accessible through for installing from mobiles.
09/03/05 - Size cut to half. Now 195 Kb, still big. Scroll routine rewritten, now working good.
08/03/05 - Improving code and design. Interface is now graphical without need of Commands, that's give a better usability but the commandAction() method works better.
25/02/05 - GAEM 0.15 released.
17/02/05 - GAEM 0.1 has finally considered as stable and for first time made publicly available. The homepage is in final process and looking for a free webhost in order to be released.